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About the CLU Garden...

The California Lutheran University community, including faculty and staff, students, and the people who live in the surrounding area seem to have one thing in common... we all want to live sustainably. Some of us here at CLU have discovered our desire to grow our own food, learn more about, well, food, and share all of it with others!

This year is the first year that we were able to take part in living out our desires through classroom learning and "outside field work." Dr. Ritterbush, a professor at CLU, teaches a group of students who spent the Spring semester in 2010 reading, researching and discussing the idea of food including the industry, the ups, the downs, farmer's markets, local farms and much more. They also planned, built, and maintained their own garden at a nearby lot! "I learned so much in just one semester that I will take with me to the grocery store, back to Colorado, and out into the world," says Katie Nichols, a student at CLU.

The class will be offered again in Spring 2011. If you have any questions or are interested in taking part in the garden, whether it be helping to move it onto campus, registering for the class and maybe even joining the club, please e-mail .


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